Need to Know: Probie Gets a Probie

March 1, 2012

Of course the Faerie would decide to come back from her alter ego’s work-induced hiatus in a firestorm. This week’s episode of NCIS features the return of very special probie Ned Dorneget and not without controversy. Ned Dorneget is gay.

<sarcasm>*gasp* </sarcasm>

McGee and his probie

Probie and his probie

According the the CBS Insider’s blog, the writers of “Need to Know,” George Schenck and Frank Cardea, were tasked with the assignment of teaming up Special Agent McGee with Dorneget. Probie gets a Probie. Whether or not they were also assigned the task of creating NCIS’s first known gay agent, they had a wide open place to explore: the Probie they created back in the episode “Sub Rosa” now has a probie. We remember how DiNozzo treated McGee in the early days. How would McGee handle now being in charge?

We’ve gotten a couple glimpses when Lee was his probie, when he was assigned a less-than-interested intern, and when Ziva was a new agent. This, though, is Probie 101 from the one we know the best. With this assignment, the Padawan has become the Master, and his first rule: “Never lie to Gibbs.”

The faerie might be a sucker for a G&F episode, but she sees the introduction of a new recurring character as a good thing. She don’t have a problem with sharing precious screen time with another character if the end result is we get to learn more about the regulars. Some of the best character development in this series has occurred between Gibbs and Vance or Gibbs and Fornell. Dorneget gives us that chance with McGee.

We know how Gibbs and DiNozzo handle a probie. How will training a probie affect McGee? Will he treat him as an equal? Will he resort to DiNozzo-ian methods?  Will he have a ghostly apparition of the Master Yoda of NCIS, Mike Franks. The faerie is looking forward to more Dorney to find out.

One comment

  1. I loved that we got to see McGee passing the torch. It is far beyond time!

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